Celebrities duolun road culture street 1920 villa cafe

Duolun road 135, lane 3 , Hongkou District, (near Sichuan road north )
Venue type
Historical area
Short description of the venue
1920 villas cafes located at duolun road culture street. Environment elegant, rich culture breath. LouTianBa of about 200 square meters, can accommodate 50 to 70 people; On the first floor business district about 50 square meters, can accommodate 30 people; Recreational area on the second floor of about 150 square meters, can accommodate 70 people. On the third floor VIP area of 100 square meters, can accommodate 50 people; On the third floor deck can hold 20 people, can see panoramic view duolun road. Lazy days, here, point a cup of coffee, looking for a book that oneself like, sitting in a comfortable sofa, side appreciate soft music, one side can be a friend to enjoy easily enjoy the peace. Leisure, to offer you all kinds of coffee, iced drinks, fresh juice, English afternoon tea, green tea, wine, beer, whisky, in western-style meals.
  • 21/6 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    1920 villa cafe

    Gooda boys band

    Singing pop, jazz, rock and classical etc. Different kinds of music.

    Sun Jiahuan

    French songs, pop songs.

    Shanghai, the orchestra

    Sing rock songs.

    The twins are dynamic acoustic bass band

    Play the dynamic electroacoustic music on the violin