The wheel of the band

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  • Rock
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Tenacious wheel is a king of music records, signing new hard rock band, orchestra style transformation in ACDC unique hard rock and rock album, thunderous voice and metal timbre fusion, restoring ancient ways and Xuan use and arranger adhering to the legendary Bruce rock in the 70 s. Shanghai is one of the few underground. It has one of pure rock style band.
  • Celebrities duolun road culture street jubilee he fang cafe

    Address: Duolun road 135, lane 3 , Hongkou District (near Sichuan road north )

    21/6 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Jubilee he fang cafe

    Gu Beilei

    Imitate the Aaron kwok sing songs

    Tan Wenwen

    Singing pop songs, dynamic atmosphere.

    The wheel of the band

    Sing the perfect combination of unique album of hard rock and rock music.

    No Emo band

    Singing rock and roll music, drive the atmosphere.