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  • Electro-House-Techno
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Established in 2010, two members are from Shanghai. 2001 YanHao as the most pure Avant - China Garde core members of the band JUNKYARD, at the same time as a lead singer best formed the Shanghai site at the time of shaking "Another bright" roll band, personally participate in during the landscape record 2003 electronic album "V A Landscape ", 6 years after dissolution and exit all the band, and focus on electronic music. 2010 Years and have rich experience in live performance of the same two yellow ghost form RunningBlue, two yellow ghost has a solid foundation of the ancient Canon, modern Musical Instruments playing ability, combination between native instruments and electronic sound aesthetic two people hit it off together. RunningBlue have amazing creativity, close to the first music works but is not limited to any one single Typing style, ?