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Psyclopus songs, on the basis of metal music is a blend of European folk melody, the charm of traditional classical music and their understanding of music. Every song they will in the process of the creation of the mix into a number of interesting fresh elements. In the music world of Psyclopus, you can search the folk/virgin/rotary die strength even metal
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  • Shanghai Times Square

    Address: No. 99, Zhongshanbei Rd, Huangpu District (near Liu Lin Road)

    21- 22/6 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

    outdoor Plaza

    [Rock Shanghai]-Firstday

    A special band which made up of a group of students who love rock. They have passion and a dream about rock.

    [Rock Shanghai]-Lycoris

    All the hard rock,popular, punk, metal are the music style of our original basic.

    [Rock Shanghai]-Porty

    A group of post-90 brings the performance an amazing energy.

    [Rock Shanghai]-Return to sender

    Return to sender is not simply a band, but a platform for a group of extraordinary teenagers who chasing their dreams here.

    [Rock Shanghai]-Psyclopus

    In the music world of Psyclopus, you can search the folk/virgin/ Melodic death metal even strength metal.

    [Rock Shanghai]-Cheshire

    everyone is happy to try different style songs, thus ensuring the band style diversification!

    Alisa's band

    Alisa's band is composed of four outstanding musicians from different countries.,which bring shanghai a wonderful performance.