Qiu Niu

Artists nationality/ies
Music Style
  • Folk
Short presentation + Artist description
Lead singer Song Baihua is a sculptor and folk singer, after the end of the long folk life, preparations for the band in 2013 cows and be committed to the ward in the form of the band perform folk song.
  • Laya Plaza

    Address: No.300,Fang Dian Road, Pudong District (near Ying Chun Road)

    22/6 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    centre plaza

    [Rock Shanghai]-Poetry in shorts

    A new of Chinese indie rock band on the basis of coarse gritty rock style.Now come to see the audience.

    [Rock Shanghai]-囚牛

    QiuNiu is committed to perform the folk song by the band form.

    [Rock Shanghai]-Paranoia Robot

    Songs are created basis on social reality.The scene atmosphere and active are satisfied with the majority of the audience favorite.