Bipolar Bear

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Music Style
  • Rock
  • Pop
Short presentation + Artist description
Bipolar Bear band restructuring in January 2013, after many changes, mainly maintain Britpop, Rock band. Each member has music talent,all of us has an unspoken consenus. We have been featured as a guest performer by many kinds of school activitiest, community concert performer, held in the school band, took over ShangYan for many times.
  • Hongkou Plaza

    Address: Hongkou Plaza, No. 388 West JiangWan Road, Shanghai, Hongkou District (near Hua Yuan Road)

    21/6 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    outdoor square area,XiJiangWan road

    [Rock Shanghai]-Bipolar Bear

    Bipolar Bear mainly maintain the Brtpop and Rock style. Each member has music talent and all of us has an unspoken consenus.

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