Wang Wenwei and his friends

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  • Jazz-Blues
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Wang Wenwei(guitar) Ren Yuqing(bass) Feng Yucheng(trumpet) Jhonny Joseph(drum) Wang Wenwei,once an art student, was the leading guitarist of Crystal Butterfly. He found music his most direct and stimulating way of expressing, so in 1994, he officially joined the Eclipse band which was the predecessor of Crystal Butterfly. As Shanghai veteran rock musician, he witnessed the glamour and the ups and downs of rock and roll, experienced the change of music trend. Ren Yuqing was graduted from LASALLE College of the Arts, by the formation of the "rock" band in 1993, he laid his career in music. 1994-1999, he played as bassist with the rocks and folks greats such as He Yong, Zhangchu, Dou Wei, Cui Jian, Zhou Ren, Luo Qi, Fang Ke, Jian Tiansuo, Qin Qi, Li Jie, Liu Yuan, Jiang Wenhua, Chen Jing, and Pu Shu. 2001-2003, he occupied as art director and arranger in Shanghai houes of blues and jazz bar. In 2004, He participated as art director in the first Shanghai International Reconstructive Jazz Festival. He is the founder of the JZ Club, he is also a jazz producer at the Shanghai Cultural Management Co. Fen Yucheng, Chinese famous trumpet player. He was exposed to Jazz music when he studied in the university. In 2001, he performed in Shanghai Grand Theatre with Canadian piano master Vic vocole. In 2003, France Lyon Jazz Festival in October In 2005, Singapore Art Festival. Hong Kong Jazz Festival. Helsinki jazz festival in Finland Jhonny Joseph is a drummer, percussionist, composer, songwriter…..and overall, a great musician .With his music and rhythm, you can dance, groove and enjoy the wonderful musical stories that never told before. Jhonny's music takes the music lovers everywhere around the world and further
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    Address: A2-101 Red Town, 570# West HuaiHai Road, Changning District (near An Shun Road)

    22/6 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    On Stage, A2-101 Red Town, 570# West HuaiHai Road

    “Xing”—Wang Wenwei and his friends

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