Huang Se

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  • Jazz-Blues
Short presentation + Artist description
In 1995 the blues, In 1997, and several love blues musicians of Shanghai famous 12 Bar Blues band, In 1999 the band renamed "stability" of Sultan swing band, learning and the promotion of 1997 he engaged in blues harmonica, exposed to the world music, for later learning middle eastern music foundation. 2000: invited to participate in the Chinese Orchestra exchanges. 2001 - hosted by EMI Shanghai company memorial BEATLES cover contest, won the first prize. 2002 - the Shanghai record company invite, as rock singer Zheng Jun Hunan satellite TV, "music", and the Shanghai music "Zheng Jun Shanghai song friend meeting" as the site. 2004: invited to Chinese musical instruments exhibition, on-site Harmonica Performance, known as the Shanghai Bruce music harmonica. 2005: invited to participate in Nantong's Chinese first BLUES music festival. - attended by Oriental Television Network Song Contest - "E" and famous runner up good results. In 2007 January, the band invited Bruce star ERIC CLAPTON concert in Shanghai press conference live performances. Each stage band members are active in Shanghai, has the rich performance experience, ceng can play more than five Stars Hotel opened and large-scale performances, concerts etc.. 2008 so far - yellow harp teacher participation in numerous times and Training Middle Eastern dance performances, known to everybody in the Shanghai Middle East field of drum. A few years ago in a chance to contact to Middle Eastern dance, deeply attracted by the Middle East Middle East culture began to study drums, drum beats, and music. Often in the industry and the famous drummer and percussion player exchanges, cooperation. After a long period of hard training, become one of the most popular drummer in Shanghai.
  • Don Gallery

    Address: Room 26,No 1331, Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai, Xuhui District (near Fenyang Lu)

    22/6 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

    Room 26, No 1331, Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai

    World Music

    Jiang Tie and Huang Se will bring you to feel the culture of world music, including Africa, Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, show.